Stephen King and Tom Clancy Novel Reviews

Stephen King and Tom Clancy novel reviews (click link for review.)
                        Stephen King novels:
·        'Salem's Lot
·        Carrie
·        Cell
·        Cujo
·        Everything's Eventual
·        The Eyes of the Dragon
·        Gerald's Game
·        The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
·        The Green Mile
·        IT
·        The Long Walk
·        The Mist
·        Pet Sematary
·        The Stand
·        Storm of the Century (screenplay)
Stephen King's Dark Tower Series:
·        Book I: The Gunslinger
·        Book II: The Drawing of the Three
·        Book III: The Waste Lands
·        Book IV: Wizard and Glass
·        Book V: Wolves of the Calla
·        Book VI: Song of Susannah
·        Book VII: The Dark Tower
·        Book VIII: The Wind Through the Keyhole
Tom Clancy novels:
·        The Hunt for Red October
·        Patriot Games
·        Cardinal of the Kremlin
·        Clear and Present Danger
·        The Sum of All Fears
·        Without Remorse
·        Debt of Honor
·        Executive Orders
·        Rainbow Six
·        The Bear and the Dragon
·        Red Rabbit
·        The Teeth of the Tiger
·        Dead or Alive
·        Against All Enemies
·        Locked On
Tom Clancy game tie in novels (Written by David Michaels)
·        Splinter Cell
·        Splinter Cell: Checkmate
·        Splinter Cell: Fallout
·        Splinter Cell: Conviction
·        Splinter Cell: Endgame
·        H.A.W.X.
·        Ghost Recon
·        Ghost Recon: Combat Ops
·        EndWar
·        EndWar: The Hunted